Why Is Divorce Rate High In European Countries?


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As we all know that divorce ends the marriage and all direct legal relationships between the couple. Now, comparison between divorce rate of European country and in Asian Countries. Well European countries are well developed and also literacy rate is much higher there comparatively to Asian countries but still when it comes to divorce its rate is higher there. Now the question arises why? Well, in European countries people have all the facilities, luxuries and there is no system of dominating anyone. Wife and husband have equal rights, equal responsibilities while this is not prevalent in Asian countries.

In Asian Countries men has great powers and has all responsibility providing good food, shelter to his wife and kids. Women are not allowed to go outside for earning and women are also not as literate as European women are. The reason is: In European countries both men and women want their power. They want to be superior .and it is in man's nature that nobody can easily agree on other's ownership and building this kind of relationship mostly breaks a couple .In Asian Countries also divorce rate is now raising up but comparatively less to European countries.
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This is best ever stupid comment that I have seen regarding low divorce rate of Asia. European should find the answer to their divorce problem rather than giving stupid comment on asia's divorce rate.

In my country, Sri Lanka 61% government workers are women. 51% medical students are women. Literacy rate is over 91%. Divorce rate is 0.15.
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Virajmada I agree its not an intelligence issue BUT the reason our divorce rate is so low is because of the cultural taboos surrounding divorce ... People care too much about what other people think and the women know that no matter what actually happened/ is reasonable, THEY are the ones who are going to be blamed or shunned. I'd rather have a crappy divorce rate rather than a sizeable amount of the population in toxic marriages.
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It's made to easy and many Europeans don't have religious standards, also Europeans drink a lot of alcohol that makes them do stupid things. I got married when I was 18 and now I am nearly 26, luckily for myself and my husband we have worked to make a success of our marriage with all the up's & downs at first, last year I had my first child, a baby girl, I want her to have a good upbringing as possible and that means having both a mum & dad around, I know that when I got to 21 I felt I had missed out a bit getting married so young but there again at that point I reminded myself that I had already been married for three years and it sort of worked, now coming up to eight years of marriage it was the best thing I have done, good luck to others and think hard before getting divorced, sometimes it is necessary but other times it's the worse choice you could make.
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Because people have become too demanding from their partners and there is a lack of trust among couples. Everyone keeps himself / herself first and do not care for the feeling of others.

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