How Long Is Pretrial Intervention Expungement In SC?


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I'm currently working on record expungement myself, and have completed PTI in the 7th judicial district.  The length, of PTI depends on your caseworker and any counselors opinions that they may send you to or how long it takes you to complete your community service(I don't know if that's different from judicial district to judicial district, but its either 40 or 80 hours, I think it was increased to 80 hours, but you can "buy out" half your hours (at the time I did it, it was $5/hour buyout, I "donated" $100 to our local Humane society and submitted the receipt, and (also did my community service there).  Now I've found out that just by successfully completing PTI, may get your charges dropped, but you still have to compete the expungement process own your own, and at least here, they are the people you go to to do that, although your cashier's check is made out to the clerk of court.  The one caveat.  You can only have your record expunged once! Best of Luck.

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