Is Incest Legal In Oklahoma?


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I do not know of any states incest is considered legal however adult consensual incest should be legal.
As for being immoral only man has declared it so. There is much incest in the Bible and God has no problem with it. He had Adam and Eve populate the earth with incest. Then after the flood Moses and his family repopulated the earth through incest. Then how about Jacob who married Leaha and Rachael both his first cousins and sisters. How about Abraham and Sarah they were brother and sister. What about the maiden in Song of Songs who wished her lover was her brother so they could have sex any time. These are just a few of those mentioned in the Bible. Man through the church declared declared incest immoral.
The tide is slowly changing in favour of incest just as the homosexuals have finally won their more acceptance. It is time to kick the law makers out of the bedroom and allow families the love they wish to have in their family.
Not all things are bad about incest there are good things as well by correcting and making the gene pool better.
People need to learn the truth of incest and not listen to the old myths!
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No it is illegal in Oklahoma. Not only is it illegal it is immoral and disturbing. Its already bad enough we have all of these rules and laws that let stupid people stay in the gene pool, but incest? That is just beyond wrong, even though it is legal in many states.
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It is  illegal and Immoral.

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