How Can I Locate Someone In The City Jail Of Houston On Mykawa?


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It is reasonably easy to locate someone in a city jail with the help of online services. Within a few hours of someone being booked (fingerprinted, photographed and formally charged), it is possible to find the information with a few clicks. The National Victim Notification Network provides the online service VINElink for victims and other individuals to check booking information 24 hours a day.

In order to search VINElink for the inmate you are trying to locate, you first need to select your state. In your case, this will be Texas. Once you have selected your state on the map, you will be redirected to the search page for that particular state. The first thing you will see is a list of all the jails that are not searchable online. There are 37 states that are fully contracted with the service, and seven that are contracted to some degree. If your state is searchable, you will be able to select the blue button at the top of the page that reads "Search & Register for Offenders”. Selecting "All Facilities” allows you to search all counties within your chosen state. You can then enter the person’s forename and surname before clicking "Search” to bring up a list of all people in the state with that name who are in jail. If you know the date of birth and county of arrest, in your case Houston, you will then find it easier to track down the person you are looking for.

If you are not having any success with VINElink, it is possible to locate someone in jail by visiting the website of the jail or sheriff’s office if you know where the person was arrested. Each jail’s website will have its own search facility to find current inmates.
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Simple you would have to call the city jail in houston and have there first and last name there date of birth

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