Can My Child Get Social Security When Father Is Incarcerated?


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Your child can get social security when any of the parents is incarcerated. It is true that in the olden times, children were denied such rights in some states and countries. But the modern laws have recognized the fact that kids should not be suffering for the crimes perpetrated by any of their parents. To this end, they are given equal rights as other kids in society.

Social security benefit is a way of stabilizing the family’s financial future, especially when a parent becomes disabled, incarcerated or dies. The money is used to provide the necessities of life for the family and mostly to ensure that the children complete their education so they can stand and fend for themselves. There are about 3.8 million children who receive approximately $1.6 billion each month because one or both of their parents is diseased, incarcerated, disabled or retired (Benefits for children with disabilities: Publication No. 05-10026). In some states, children whose parents have little income or resources may be eligible for Supplementary Security Income benefits.

Before a child could profit from this social security benefit, he or she must be your biological child, adopted child or dependent stepchild. He or she must also be unmarried, younger than 18 and a student in a grade that is lower than 12. In most cases, a disabled child can also benefit if older than 18, but the disability must have started before age 22.

To apply for your child’s social security benefits you will need the child’s birth certificate and parent’s and child’s Social Security numbers. Of course, you will also need to furnish proof that the father is incarcerated. The Social Security Representative who sees you will tell you what other documents you will need to bring along. You can search online to find the nearest Social Security representative to contact.
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Yeah, he can get social security, in modern laws if parents commit a crime, kids are not responsible for that, they have equal rights as others have in society. Yeah he can surely get social security but you have to work hard for this.
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Yes bc you pay child support no matter what if you don't it builds up and you can go back to jail for not paying!
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yes indeed you lawyer have to pay child support till they turn 18
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if a payee is misusing survivors benefits for the child do we need an attorney to get someone else to take over the funds for that child?

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How will I know how much my daughter can receive. I am a single. Mom barely making it and how long of a process will it be.

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Yes you are, I have a friend in this same situation.
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I think it depends on what state and county you are in. I know someone in Michigan that was held responsible and he was locked up. Check at your local child support court.

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