How Long Do I Have To File An Annulment In Washington?


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I don't believe there is a time limit--an annulment declares that a marriage was invalid. See RCW 26.09.040
You have to be able to prove the marriage was invalid due to one of the reasons. It is much easier to get a divorce. And divorces are easily (and fairly quickly--90 days) obtained in WA. It will be much more difficult and expensive to have the marriage annulled.
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There may be a specific time that you have to follow to file for an anullment.  It probably depends on the state you live in.  You will have to call your local court to find out, I am sure, or even call an attorney.  There are many attorneys that will give you the first visit free but you have to check into it.  That way you can ask questions.
It most places you usually cannot have had intercourse after the marriage took place.  Another reason, would be to get an anullment is any kind of falsification, etc.  Good luck.  Call an attorney they will be able to give you more info. 

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