How Do I Evict A Tenant Who Is Incarcerated And Behind On The Rent In New York?


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Think back to what type of renter he was.  Was he clean, decent, respectful of  others? How bad do you need rent money? If you need it badly, allow one of his family members move his things. Be there during the move, make a check list, and have the person moving the items to sign, or better yet video tape.  Try  to speak with the person. You will have your answers quicker and feel better about yourself as a landlord. I do believe if you cannot get family members to have him contact you  the law enforcers understand  what landlords go through and will give you good advice. Since it is month to month, your choices are greater. The last thing if all else fails is to contact court for eviction, however if he has legal problems now, chances are you will be just standing in line. In the end, I feel it is best if you can speak with the young man, but if he is already behind in rent, you can choose not to be concerned about his abandoned things.  It is testy when you have to deal with public so please just keep it together and professional. If you allowed him to get behind and did not evict him, loosing your cool at this time could prove to be negative for you. I wish you the best.
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Are you kidding? The answer in yes, But you first have to go thru the eviction formaiities./

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