Can I Go To Prison For Common Assault If It's My First Offence?


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Common assault can be punishable by means of a custodial sentence (jail-time), although in most countries a first-time offender would be shown a degree of leniency.

What kind of sentence you get really depends on where you live, what the circumstances of the assault were, and what the sentencing guidelines of your locality say.

Can I go to prison for common assault? In certain countries, a conviction for common assault could mean a prison sentence. However, in most cases, a fine and community service would be a more likely outcome.

In the UK, the Sentencing Council provides guidelines that judges follow. Based on these documented legal recommendations, a judge will investigate and consider a number of different factors before determining your sentence.

To have a look at the sentencing guidelines for all types of assault in the UK, follow this link.

In the United States, Federal sentencing guidelines might be used to help a judge decide on an appropriate form of punishment for assault. However, a decision will be made in conjunction with your specific state's penal code.

An example would be the California Penal Code section 240-248, where assault definitions and guidelines can be found.
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No, I doubt it very much. The most that will happen is a fine and maybe community service.

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