How Can You Find Out If Someone Is Committing Fraud Against You?


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Well, there is no confirmed department where you can find out if someone is committing fraud against you. The person who plans it, do it as carefully as no one could know about it. Still, the fraud can't be hidden and comes to the scene very quickly.

IRS is only responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement. You can check your record to know if there is something fishy going on. You have to take step and know the reality if you have some doubt.
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I had this problem. I found out by my credit report. There were things on there not mine so i disputted them and they investigate worked for me hope this helps
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If it is an IRS issue, you can absolutely contact IRS for answers to this question. Explain your concerns, and they can help invesitage your records so that you can confirm if the information is correct.

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