Can You Get A Liquor License With A DUI Conviction In Indiana?


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  • Renewal
  • Whilst it is really easy to lose your liquor license due to a DUI conviction, it is quite difficult to get hold of another license. This doesn't mean that you cannot apply for a renewal, however. A license holder who has gotten this kind of DUI conviction in Indiana will usually lose the license during the renewal process. Unless there is some kind of exceptional circumstance, when you come to renew your license the chances are that the renewal will be denied. The city councils, according to the Indiana Code, have set the standards for liquor licenses and have the authority to simply deny the renewal of a liquor license based on criminal charges - these obviously include DUI convictions. You do not always lose your license however.

    Since May 2010, there are actually no laws within Indiana whereby the holder of a liquor license will lose their license simply because of a DUI conviction. The Indiana Code outlines the reasons for which a liquor license could be revoked - the loophole being that despite the fact criminal convictions are taken into account, a DUI conviction isn't listed specifically.

  • The Bottom Line
    Ultimately, you don't have to lose your liquor license in Indiana simply because of a DUI conviction. However, as mentioned you may not be able to renew the license (depending on the individual circumstances). This means that until your license needs to be renewed, your license will still be active and you will still be able to sell liquor. You only need to become concerned when it comes to the time that you need to renew the license. Whilst your individual case may be okay, you may have to go about some kind of appeal procedure to ensure that you do not lose the license. Don't get your hopes up, though, as most licenses will be revoked for this conviction.

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