I Would Like To View My Rights As A Tenant In Iowa?


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I am having issues in renting a property without a legal lease, in which my landlord will not fix ongoing problems associated with the home I am renting. I also was wondering if the landlord can evict my family for nonpayment due to this issues. I may add thar we have planted a garden and want to know our rights under the tenant laws in Iowa.
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If you are invested with bugs and you tried everything to get rid of them. Shouldnt the landlord have a responsibility to get rid of the problem
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Yes, you can read about the laws and your rights as a tenant. Visit the following two links for complete details and information.
IOWA Tenant Rights
IOWA Tenant Rights2
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I rented a three bedroom  apartment from Conlin properties in 2005 and was told by manager that they had units with washer and dryers for 100.00 more then the normal rent of 700.00 per month it would be leased and they'd pay for maintance of the washer and dryers and that would bring my rent to 800,00 a month and units are low income properties based on state regulations. And my income.After 2 or 3 years I had came home from work and found a notice on my door from management Stating that Conlin would no longer assume the responsibility of maintance,I wasn't offered any other options to the situation and when I spoke to the manager she said that all would remain the same except I'd need to pay if washer dryer units broke down. In 2008 my heating elimate went out and I checked into options weighing the cost of each And found out that renting a unit would be cheaper then leasing unit from Conlin I called landlord and explained and asked her how soon they could remove unit and she said a week or two that she couldn't remove the unit herself,I explained that wouldn't work and I needed to wash my uniforms weekly for my job and the buildings dryer wasn't drying our clothes all the way.Either way I payed 250,00 to fix the unit and read the lease and noticed it doesn't state anywhere that I'm leasing unit and the cost different between rent and unit lease.Now the belt has broken and I've called tracked down part and its 19.97 for part and then called repair person and he quoted 100.00 on up for labor because units were put inside closet areas to save space due to design and that means that the doors need to be removed and unit needs to be pulled out into hallway.Thats what costed so much towards labor when I had the heating element replaced before.I've payed 7,200 to lease unit and have been told the units not mine to take when I move.I feel that they need to repay the lease money back and stop charging me the extra 100.00 per month or pay to fix them as we first agreed.? PLEASE TELL ME MY RIGHTS

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