What Is The Texas Law To Have Someone Committed?


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Committing someone is having them sent to a mental hospital for observation and treatment.

  • You can have someone committed in Texas on a 50/51 Bill. That determines that they are a threat to themselves, others or both. This means that they are willing to commit physical harm to themselves, others or both.
  • The court can hold them for 72 hours before they are assigned a court-appointed attorney. Their hearing is on the morning of the fourth day. The court will follow the doctor's recommendations unless they have a loved one fighting for them. If they refuse their medication, they will hold them.
  • If they release them it can be done conditionally or unconditionally. The condition is that they are required to return within 10 days to be re-evaluated. If they're found to still be a threat to themselves, others or both, they can be remanded for another 72-hour observational period or sent to Terrell for a doctor's recommendation of an amount of time.

In a mental hospital, the patient will go through daily routines, which includes taking their medication, meetings, evaluations etc. You obviously get some time to yourself and there should be things like pool tables to keep patients occupied. But each institution is different. Pretty much all institutions have a wide range of ages and patients wear their own clothes. Some institutions give patients private rooms, but others accommodate many patients in one large room. Most institutions have smoking areas and the workers will make sure the patients are fed. Institutions usually allow the patient to visit family and friends but only for limited time. So some could see it as a new home, but others may not.

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