What Expenses Does Child Support Cover?


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We set up monthly payments with the ortho. You can not divide the child into...but they did the bill when I explained the situation. I did not sign any agreement with the ortho but provided a copy of our divorce degree that showed I was 1/2 responsible and so was she. As far as making them justify the monthly obligation. No state is going to make them do that. I just paid mine on time each month and knew that I was taking care of my daughter (542.00 a month). When her mom wanted more, I said do you need an advance from next month or is it something my daughter is going to have to do without? Most of the time she said no. I have bought year books, clothes, her car, prom dress and been able to look at my daughter and know I did right by her. My last payment will be April 1st- this year. I am sure I will still be giving her gas money, & paying her car insurance even though she doesn't live w/me. Good Luck
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