How Dowry Is Effecting People Life?


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Dowry is the curse of many societies. The system of dowry can be seen easily in the eastern countries. In each and every marriage girl's family give dowry to male family. Because of this system most of the girls, stay at their home, unmarried, for the whole life. Because her family is not able to give dowry to male family. It is the rule of a marriage that when you are going to marry then you must have enough money for dowry.

There are some families, which don't ask for the dowry, from female family. What the girl's family give to her daughter they accept it. But there are some other families which also don't ask for dowry but, when she doesn't take any thing to her husband's home then she can't live a satisfied life. She will not be more then a worker or maid of that home, because she has not bring any dowry.

And there are some other families who manually ask for dowry, and give list of things which they require to fill up their home.So as simple as that, dowry is the big lock of a girl's marriage. If her family has so much money then this lock can be open, otherwise she will have to stay at home unmarried.

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