What Are The Dowry Related Problems?


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Dowry is a social evil. There are many problems in our society because of dowry. I would like to give a few here.
1- Marriages of the girls delay.
2- Parents are worried how to accumulate enough money for dowry
3- The father often have to use unfair means of earning for the dowry.
4-Some girls develop psychic problems because their are no matches for them.
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Dowry is mostly found in South Asian countries like Pakistan, India etc. It is seen as a canker on one end, while a great labour is exerted for the same on the other. People get loans from others to give dowry with their daughters. Dowry is a social evil because it not only bings the parents into financial crisis but also creates problems for other weds. The girls who have a comparatively lesser dowry ae looked down upon and are being punished in different ways.
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Love is the permission given to the partner to harm us trusting heshe will not harm us

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