Is There A Law About Dogs Barking All Night And Keeping Neighbours Awake?


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The answer really depends on where you live. In most cases, there are avenues you can go down if dog barking becomes a serious problem, although the process can be relatively lengthy.

Law about dog barking at night

There's nothing more frustrating than a dog's continuous barking whilst you are trying to get some shut-eye.

Although most people will tolerate the sound of a dog barking up to a certain point, there is a point at which a dog's noise just becomes impossible to ignore.

All noise-related issues are usually dealt with by your local council. Calling the police about a dog barking will usually end in a reprimand from the operator (unless the dog's barking is the result of a serious emergency situation such as animal cruelty). 

In most cases, your local council will have procedures in place to deal with a problem known as 'noise pollution', which a dog's manic barking falls under.

Neighbors dog won't stop barking, what should I do?

As I mentioned earlier, the process will differ from place to place.

In the UK, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 is the piece of legislation your local council will use against the dog's owner.

To prosecute an individual, the council will follow this procedure:

  • First they will collect evidence of the noise disturbance
  • The owner of the dog will be given 21 days to remedy the situation
  • If the problem persists, a financial penalty will be imposed
  • As a solution of last resort, the dog will be taken away from the owner
What does the law say about a dog's excessive barking?

In the United States, the law will be different depending on your locality. In the Los Angeles area, a new initiative to tackle the problem of noisy dogs has been put in place.

Under this initiative, an owner can be fined between $250-$1000 for being unable to control their noisy canine companion.
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I don't think there's a law about what you said,but I was able to cure my landlady's dogs from barking.

I bought something called the good neighbor barker breaker. It is kinda annoying in the beginning but shortly thereafter, they learn the behavior as, if they bark, a loud noise shocks them into silence.

I have on a first-hand basis seen it work on 8 different dogs.
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It all depends on where you live. In Oregon, after 10:00PM they will go tell the owners the dog's barking too much.

If they come back again, they will fine the dog owner $250.00.

Call your local police department. They can tell you what the laws are for your area.
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In California there is a law called noise pollution. If you can hear it from 50 ft, the noise maker is braking the law. You then have a right to call the Police Dept. That includes barking dogs.
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Yes, after 11:00 pm in Florida..any loud noise must stop or it can be reported and you can be fined.

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