How To Get Finger Prints At A Crime Scene?


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There are many different ways of getting fingerprints from a crime scene, these can include the following experiments;  -Superglue fuming  -Quaser illumination  -Black powder (i.e carbon powder)  -iodine fuming etc    The easiest is the black powder one, all you need is the pot of carbon powder and a paint brush or any other brush and sellotape along with a piece of A4 plain paper. Brush where you think the fingerprints are and then brush over the area with the powder. Then once found put sellotape over fingerprint rub then pull off sellotape. Place sellotape onto A4 plain paper and the evidence is then collected. Good luck and remember don't put your fingerprints on the table oh and wear gloves if I were you =)
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You will need good equipment also make sure you don't rub against the fingerprint or it wont work. Make sure you have gloves on! Have a nice day! And take care! =)
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If you wipe the surface where your fingerprints were will the police be able to find them
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Using Black crime-scene powder lightly dust the fingerprint untill it is clearly visible.
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You dust with a mixture of graphite and talcum powder, then lift the prints off with sticky tape.
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Use a special black powder to make the fingerprint visible then get some sticky plaste and place it on the fingerprint and then take it off slowly. Remember to wear gloves and don't rub tthe fingerprints or else... TAke care Have a good night slept or day... =) =)=)=)=)=)=)
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With improvement in science and technology there are various ways by which one can collect finger prints at a crime scene. Ninhydrin spray, silver nitrate spray, iodine fuming and super glue fuming are the various new techniques through which one can collect finger prints. These techniques use the help of certain chemicals producing finger prints which go back to thirty years.

The most common method of collecting finger prints which one always observes in all those detective movies is brushing. One normally finds finger prints easily on plastic. Now there are visible prints and latent prints. The latter are invisible prints which require dusting to be discovered.

Most of the people bear a coating of perspiration and oil. Thus when their fingers come in contact with any surface it tends to leave a mark. When powder comes in contact with these invisible prints the oil gets stuck to the powder leaving a pattern. Using adhesive products like cellophane tape lifting the print becomes possible. That is, one covers the print area carefully with the tape. Once the print is fixed on the tape gently remove the tape and they stick it up a board. Thus one easily achieves finger prints from a crime scene.

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