How Do I Write An Application To School Principal For Character Certificate?


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Visit and find a template for a request letter for character reference. Other sites found in Google may also be able to lead you to a template. You should find a template that will work with the word processor you are using. Microsoft also has some saved templates as part of the purchase of software. You may be able to select new, and then look for the template through the menu in order to find the correct character reference request letter. The template will walk you through how to structure the letter as well as some of the words and phrases to use.

You should include your contract information, the school's contract information, and then put: ' Dear (your principal's name)'. After a space between the address you should begin your letter.

In the letter you should restate who you are, when you attended the school, and how the principal knows you in order to remind him or her of who you are. You simply state that you require a character reference and what it is for. Ask if the principle would be willing to help you by providing one.

Make sure you include your address again and, if you wish, a self addressed envelope to help the principal send it back as fast as possible. Also provide a time frame that you need to have the letter to help the principal understand that you really desire this letter and time is imperative.

Sign the letter with a salutation like sincerely or regards, a space for you to sign your name, and then type out your name. This is the proper format.

If the principal does not personally know you consider asking another person in your school that would know you better and provide a better character reference.
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The first thing is make real sure the Principal knows exactly who you are or you may not receive a good character reference. Just drop by the school and ask him in person would be the best way and the teachers and administration will still be there after closing for the summer but don't wait too long

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