What Is The Law About Seat-Belts In Camper-Vans?


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The truth is that the law is a little sketchy on this subject. As it stands, if there is a seat-belt installed, you must use it.

In the case of camper-vans, manufacturers are now required to fit all seats with seat-belts. This was not always the case however.

For all the camper-vans that were made before this law was passed, if you have seats that were designed without seatbelts, then you are unlikely to be prosecuted.

Seat-belts in camper-vans

In the case of passenger seats that don't have seat-belts fitted, a police officer normally wouldn't stop you unless it was evident that the person travelling in the seat was in peril.

If the lack of a seat-belt puts your passenger at risk, you could be charged under a separate offence of 'carrying passengers in manner that may cause danger or injury'.

What's the law about seat-belts in campers?

My recommendation would be to simply get the seat-belts installed. If you're worried about getting pulled over during a one-off trip, then I'd say just make sure the vehicle isn't overcrowded or anything like that. This will give a police officer less reason to be concerned about the safety of a passenger in the rear of a camper-van.

If you're planning to carry passengers regularly, I'd strongly recommend getting a seat-belt fitted.
It'll save you any wrangling with an overzealous law enforcement officer, and more importantly- it'll guarantee your passengers safety.

Finally, bear in mind that the laws of the road will differ from location to location, and are subject to legal review and change!
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At present, there is no legal requirement to have seat belts fitted in the rear of camper vans.

If seat belts have been fitted, however, they must be worn. There is no legal prohibition against carrying unrestrained passengers in the rear of a camper van.

This is discouraged, however, and police have broad powers to prosecute drivers for carrying passengers in a manner that may cause injury.

A law coming into effect on the 20th October 2007 will require new all camper vans to have seat belts fitted in all seats except those intended only for use while the vehicle is stationary.

Another law coming into effect in May 2009 will prohibit carrying more passengers in the rear of a camper van than there are seat belts available, if there are any seat belts fitted in the rear at all.
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The laws when it comes to camper van seat belt is not a clear and authentic. Usually there are only two seat belts for the ones sitting in front and the people in back of the van can sit or sleep, however the police can penalize them if they see any injury prone sitting. Also, new camper vans have seat belts in all the seats. So, if they cannot accommodate more people then seat and seat belts. After all it all depends on where you're travelling and what rules they have.. Good luck.

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