How To Beat Someone Up Really Bad?


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Violence does not solve any thing it may make you happy for a day or two but then you got to face the law!! Revenge is a wonderfull thing but remember what goes round comes round so if you be patient this person may go away. There is enough people dying by gun crime everyday. Think of the results before you do anything please
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Be willing to get your own butt beat. If you go to jail, you could be raped with a broom handle. Is it worth it? If you don't care, then continue the path you have chosen for yourself.
if you do care about your own butt, then drop it right now. Get out of whatever relation is causing you to lose control of your precious self, and move on. Take anger management classes, talk to counselor who is willing.
if someone is beating you, get out and hire chuck norris for a bodyguard.
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If you feel strongly that you have been legally wronged, you can go to the police & let them handle the culprit. If you are just mad about some perceived affront, then you had best use you head for more than holding a hat. When you hit someone it is considered an assault and they have the option of calling the police and letting them handle you in the court system. Not a pleasant thing! Hitting and beating is a terrible way to settle differences with other human beings and you can end up in serious trouble.

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