Can You By Law Ride A Moped In Spain On An English CTB Certificate?


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To drive on the roads of an EU country, of which Spain is a part. You need a international licence card, which translates your licence into the main languages of the EU,. For example French, Spanish, Italian, German,etc. To obtain one of these, you should go along to your nearest A:A: that is your automobile Association, taking along your current drivers licence, two passport photos,plus the required fee, and they will issue you with one that lasts a year.

Recently the EU has clamped down on motorinos(Mopeds) being driven by youths without a full licence.
Since you will be a nonresident, without the backing of your family, and insurance to worry about, you may encounter a problem, especially if you intend to hire one.
There may be an outfit who will hire you one, and not conform to the regulations. This could land you in hot water however.

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