I Am An Indian Want To Marry Pakistani Boy, What's The Procedure?


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Why you wants to marry pakistani, there are plenty of indians available......
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Hi its intresting to knw that you being an indian wants to marry a boy frm pak.First of all you need to  convince your pare ts n family which is one of the mostdifficult task I think. Secondly, do go for a court marriage as if you going to get married islamic ways thn your marriage wnt  be valid till you convert urself into a muslim (if your not). Third imp thing is you should always choose a country other thn india or pakistan to settle down togethr as its v difficult for a indian to live in pakistan and vice versa.
I am telling you all this as m a hindu indian guy engaged with a muslim girl frm pakistan. V both also doing court marriage and after that il b settled in Australia whr v first met.
So always rememba its not an easy decision think, plan and implement. As far I knw indian pakistani weddings r not that successfull one but if you hv faith in god n you trust your partner thn pls go for it n get a registered marriage done at the honbl' court.
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I am indian and I want to do marriage with Pakistani girl what is the Legal procedure ? And I want to marry this girl because she is my cousine and I love her
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It is  good to marry across the border to reduce the tension and giving a message of love , peace and Harmony.
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Marrying cousins is not a good thing but, hey, to each her own. Go to the Indian embassy and find out. Call immigrations or go over there and kidnap him. Heck, do you want it legal or illegal. Call the Brotherhood...they might can HELP you out....see there are many ways. Ask his parents. Ask your parents. If you can't figure this little BIT out, how  will you be a wife? Raise a family? Let him do the thinking...Hello????
If he wants you, he can figure it out!!
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I re read ur question and then YOUR answer....are u a boy or girl....figure that out first!!!! Then get the other info!!

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