How Do You Leave A Gang?


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Some people think that being in a gang is a very cool thing. It is actually not. Gangs which do illegal things such as drug trafficking, looting and stealing get into a lot of trouble by the cops. These kinds of gangs are a danger to the society. The more dangerous these gangs are, the more difficult it is to get out of it. It is wise to quit their company and find something more meaningful in life. You have to be very strong when making the decision of leaving the gang. You have to look out for its consequences. Your life may come in danger in case you announce your decision of quitting. If the gang is not involved in any illegal thing, then there shouldn't be any problem talking to your guys about quitting the gang. The best way to quit a gang would be by informing the police about the illegal activities of the gang. This way the gang will break up and you would be doing something better for the society.
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Run, move to a far away area, real far away like another country or state or something

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