What Does Legislation Mean?


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Basically speaking, in case you are looking for a more comprehensive definition or meaning of the term legislation, then you are certainly reading the right article. For starters, there are numerous web sites out there that offer their own versions of the meaning of legislation.

Some claim that legislation refers to the process or act of legislation while others say that it is a law that is either enacted or proposed. Others still are of the view that legislation is the enactment and preparation of law or the laws that have been enacted thus.

All in all, we can conclusively agree that all these definitions have some sort of sense even though the leave one wondering why the definitions make use of the term legislation to come up with a definition for the same. Therefore, there is an inherent need to get a definition that is less abstract and more real.

To this end, we can refer to legislation in a number of different ways, including the fact that legislation is both a verb and a noun. As a noun, legislation refers to a law or a body of laws that are enacted by a suitable superior body of representatives such a parliament and to be ratified by a higher power.

On the other hand, the verb legislation has a wide and diverse meaning. However, in general, it refers to the process by which a country or organization of human beings within a social system come up with the laws and regulations that will govern them now and in time to come.

To conclude, therefore, the meaning of legislation is very different from the definitions that are so easy to find through various web sites on the internet. To completely understand this term, we must be made aware of the various different processes through which legislation undergoes before maturity.
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Legislation also better known as statutory law is basically a law that has been enacted by any kind of governing body or even a legislature. This term may also refer to a single law or even a group body of enacted law. Before any item of legislation turns into a law, it is known as a bill. At this time it is usually under high consideration. Legislation is more often than not projected by a member of the legislature, for e.g. an associate of Congress or Parliament, or even by the administrative, at which point it is debated by individuals of the administration. It is over and over again amended before passage. Nearly all big legislatures ratify only a small part of the bills planned in a given session.
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Thank you i have to explain the legislation and organisational policy and procedures of the care home i work in. Im stuck for an answer
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Taking something into deep consideration, and deciding whether it should become a law e.g. Legal smoking age used to be 16, the goverment thought that it was to young to smoke, so they upped the age to 18, before this changed it was a legislation, as it was not yet a law but was getting considered.
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Guess its a law put in place by the government to control and protect human interest
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I don't know but here ill gess
legislation is a law that has been acted out by a governing body or a person who amends laws.
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It means law

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