if im 18 could my parents force me to go to rehab just from taking marijuana, acid, and shrooms?


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Depends on what jurisdiction you are in. But it doesn't matter anyway - if you don't do something about the problem your brain will be so scrambled in a year or two's time that you won't know anything about it. Get help.

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Toni Pauze
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I agree Ray
Ray  Dart
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I've seen perfectly nice young people in my village turn into spaced out petty criminals as a consequence of drug misuse. Those who argue for the legalization of drugs ought to come and take a look to see the consequences. And this is a village in rural Bedfordshire.
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It is sad but very true Ray. 😔
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I agree with Ray!

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So funny! You crack me up! (I just got anonymous's attention... I said crack!) 😅😅😅😅
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^Crack is much different than weed and psychedelics. Crack is addictive and you can overdose on it. pretty dangerous. unlike weed and psychedelics when used properly for spiritual development and to expand one's consciousness. you can't do that with crack as far as i know.
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I've seen the sad results of "consciousness-expanding" drugs....
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Nobody really answered your questions ... But the answer is "Probably".

Why?  Because even though you are technically an adult, you are living in their house.  So if they tell you to go to rehab and you don't, they can kick your arse to the curb.

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I'm sure they could if they want to put in the time and effort to have you declared a danger to yourself.  But YOU are the one who should be reaching out for rehabilitation if you value your own life.

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My cousin, is age 60 and from the drugs she took in her early years they gave her memory loss, forgettable, she is very positive to negative minded over little things, she thinks more of animals than humans, she has been on Benzo type medications and abused them for quite sometime , she also takes methadone . She will be lucky by age 62 if she doesn't develop early onset of Alzheimer's/ Dementia She makes wrong choices in life and it's battle living with her. 

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Deciding to do acid and/or shrooms shows you cannot not make rational decisions. They can have you committed for your own safety.  If that happens, then the state can keep you until they determine you are no longer a threat to yourself.  So quit making stupid decisions, get counseling to deal with whatever you running from by taking drugs.

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