things are not going well at my parents house. im 16 and i plan on moving out moving out once i get some money saved. what are my options if i cant live at a friends house? i also do work 25 hours a week.


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25 hours a week is hardly enough to support rent.

Best option is to work more hours, save every dime and don't create any new bills. Working a lot will keep you out of your parent's house more.

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I love that! So very true! ESPECIALLY the last line! Stars my friend!
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i ended up doing a online school so i cant make time to figure this out but i was asking more or less where can i go?
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You have great answers already. I dont think i could add to their advice. I do want to advise on a different angle. Sweetie, I am sorry you feel things are not working well at home. It is tough being a teen these days. Not only are you dealing with emotions and hormones, changes of body image and trying to discover who you might be when you are being pulled in a dozen different directions. You have school pressure, peer pressure, society pressure, what to do with your future pressure, home pressure and parental pressure (and if you have more adults living in your home besides your parents such as grandparents or aunts and uncles the "parental" pressure gets even greater because there are MANY chiefs in the house trying to tell you what to do.) It's enough to really feel like things are not going well in one's life. 😔 I want to encourage you, you will get through this. You obviously have a good head on your shoulders. Not many teens these days feel the urge to get a job cuz they think everything should he handed to them. YOU are one step ahead! You have a sense of reality and know you need to work to get a paycheck. You will get there. Hang in there. ☺ One thing I want to point out, not trying to be a "downer Debbie" but even as an adult (or someone living on their own) there WILL always be "not going well's" in life. You have to learn to adjust to the "not well's" in life because life is a roller coaster, a bumpy road. There will be twists and turns and flips and dips and upside downs no matter what. And there will be forks in the road. Use these experiences as teaching tools to help you chose which roads to take. Good luck and always remember, life may be a difficult journey but it's a beautiful ride.

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Through children's services they can set you up with a program that will get you a apartment, they help you pay for it and the utilities if any but you got to have a job. You tell them your reason is cause things are not working out with your parents also you would get a bus or some type of transportation that they provide for you will take and help you stay in school.

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