If a cop stops u for any reason, if u don't sign for the ticket... Then what? Will u go to jail or another fine or so mmm etching else?


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The traffic ticket contains an actual notice to you of a pending court date at which you must appear. By signing the ticket, you are providing an acknowledgment of receipt of the "notice to appear." Since the officer is charging you with a violation of law, he could take you into custody. By signing the traffic ticket, you avoid being taken into custody at that time, and are "released on your own recognizance" pending the court date. It is better to sign the traffic ticket and go about your business pending the court date. By signing the traffic ticket, you remain free and retain the right to show up at the hearing to contest the issuance of the citation or summons.

A person is free to refuse to sign the traffic ticket; however, the police officer is free to place him/her under arrest and take him/her into custody.


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You just sign and get it over with.

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Like Tom says.

Also, I find it is very helpful to be respectful to the officer. 
I've been pulled over numerous times for traffic infractions - and never gotten a ticket.

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Cool! I've only been pulled over twice but got tickets both times. What's your sweet. I'm always polite to someone with a gun.

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