Can U Go To Jail For Lying To A Police Officer?


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Yes you could but chances are you wont go to jail for this but will get get probation and maybe community service
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No if you lie to a police officer you will have to go to court and and then you will get probation because I got probation for lying to a cop
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The true answer depends upon the jurisdiction in which you're in.  In California, it is unlawful to give false information to a peace officer.  At a minimum, it is a misdemeanor offense.
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suman kumar answered
Yes you can, if it is a serious one.
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Brian answered
Yes you can, its called obstruction....and most law enforcement agencies take that seriously.
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nettie answered
Only if your lie is found out while he is still on the scene,but once they are suspicious about you trust me you are watched they love getting people caught up in the system.....the best to you
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Willard NOYB answered
You most certainly can be charged with providing false information to a law officer and do jail time for it.
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No, only for lying in court while your under oath....if a cop tells you that you'll go to jail for lying to him, he's BSing you ....
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Yeah you can but I think it depends how serious the crime is and whatever. You could just get a fine or get let off with a warning..
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3 words !!! Obstruction of justice... My bf went to jail b/c he told the officer he didnt know somebody's name that was in the car with him (it was his cousin and he had a warrant) they found out they was cousins and took my bf to jail for obstruction of justice because he didnt tell them his cousins name
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I think those F in bastard are retarded, they run around like they own us, Not on My Watch!!!!! You can lie to them all you want who the f*** are they to tell us what to do just cause they wear a freaking uniform
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Yes I just got bonded out today for lying to a cop. In texas it's a class b misdemeanor unless you have warrants (which I did) it's a class a. And it was a $1500 bond.
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Muntaha Qazi answered
Depends which country you are living in. It also depends on what kind of police officer you lied to and what matter you lied about? It the policeman is stubborn he won't let you go however if theres a deep matter than of course you ought to go to the JAIL...
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It matters/depends on how serious or extreme it is. I heard that you get a warning if its not a big problem but I heard you could get a bill. I may be wrong but I'm just making a little simple prediction or guess. ♥ Anime Rocks
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You can but you most likely won't be charged unless you have lied to a police officer and now you  have warrant for your arrest

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