Do you think that we should make it mandatory for kids to take a gun safety course after high school or college?


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PJ Stein answered

AFTER high school or college? Those are not kids. They are adults. Back in 2013 Missouri passed a law encouraging school to teach first graders gun safety. Now before anyone gets upset, they are not actually handling guns. It is based on the NRA's Eddie Eagle program where they teach children what to do when they find a gun. There are four simple steps. Stop. Don't touch. Run away. Tell an adult.

After that I think any home that is going to have a gun and a child should take the child to a shooting range. The child should be able to see the power and hear the noise first hand. If they are old enough they should be allowed to fire it. It will take the mystery out them and a child's curiosity will be quelled. It will make it less likely for a child to pick them up and accidently shoot it.

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Maurice Korvo answered

Why not just make it mandatory that anyone purchasing a gun must take a gun safety course.  It would be a lot cheaper.

Harry peter Profile
Harry peter , health and safety training providers, answered

Yes, they should, since guns are not simply
weapons of crime. They are for self-defence too. I would suggest you for more information.

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Chokhi Dhani Pune , Emma Taylor, answered

I think it should not be allowed for children because they are not mature and they don't know what is wrong or right. They can fight early and anger to anyone and can shoot anyone. So, I am against about it.

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