Wife commit adultery and is now 8 months pregnant with her new boyfriend but we are still legally married. Can she take the house I'm building in the divorce even though she was the one that committed adultery and left?


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It all depends on where you live and other properties you own. In the US most states have joint property laws. In that case you either sell the property and split the proceeds, or you buy your spouse out. If you own another house as well as the one you are building, she may take the other house and leave the construction to you. I suggest you get a good lawyer, sooner rather than later.

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You need to look at local laws for your state. Also, if either the boyfriend or your wife is in the military, you need to let their commanding officer know about this. The military frowns heavily on adultery and they fall under the US government's jurisdiction for punishment. I know this from personal experience a good friend went through.

You should be seeking legal council if you haven't already started.

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Typically all assets  acquired and shared by a married couple (unless you have a prenup) Especially a matromonial home is owned equally. It makes no difference who did what or who left for any reason.

Everything depends on your local laws and who has the better lawyer

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A more immediate issue might be that since she got pregnant while still married to you---even if by another man---that child may be legally yours, financially speaking.

If you don't already have a lawyer, get one.

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Yin And Yang
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Yes for sure. Our saying has been "A marriage is never 50/50."
When my sister died all I could muster up to give was 10 percent. He had to give the 90. With his Bipolar diagnosis I have been the one giving 90 and all he could give is 10 at times. However there has been a few times I have had to say "Yang, I only require 10 percent from you. Today is a day I need some of that 10 percent." It works out rather well. :0)
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Yes, my wife and I are each other's backup as well. Sometimes it's 100% and 0 %
Yin And Yang
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I could totally understand that one! LOL!

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