Can I go to jail if I don't give the things back to my ex that she bought me? I also asked her numerous time if she wanted them back but she always said no. 


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She gave them too u tell her to go to cival court it is not a criminal action

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You can't go to jail, she can sue you for the items, it becomes a He Said, She Said, unless you have witnesses or texts or voice mail to back up your "Gifts".

Side point: Would it be possible to compromise on giving an item or two back to her? 

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Legally, once a gift is given, that item(s) becomes your property.  So, no. 

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Dear Alex Castellanos,

I am quite confident that the others here are correct, she cannot force you to give the stuff back and you won't go to jail.

* * *

My suggestion: Don't spend any more time/energy on this - give the gear back to her, put an end to all the hassle get her out of your life and move on.

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You said things, but didn't specify!  If it has a title or deed in her name only,  you can go to jail.  Like they said, 99% of the time it will be a he said, she said thing in civil court.  Cops can not arrest on a civil charge unless you loose in civil court and refuse to comply with a court order and then only if the judge issues a contempt warrant.  Prepare a complete list of things he stuff in question with out title or deed, when she says no, she doesn't want it give her the paper to sign, a witness would even make it better.

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Nope. If you have been gifted items they are yours to keep. However, she may argue that the items in question were not gifts at all .. And if she wants them back she will have to take you to court.  It may have to be decided by a judge .. So she will need to prove they were not gifts. It will be her word against yours. The judge will decide who is telling the truth.

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