My brother found out I was sleeping with this guy for drugs and he beat him up real bad even broke his wrist on purpose because the guy plays basketball and now he wants me to pay for all the drugs he gave me. Can I just call the police?


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Cops, Would only complicate matters. You have got yourself into a heck of a mess ..and even though you say you're not addicted .. Exactly why would you be so desperate as to trade for sex? Time to step back and take inventory of where your life is going .. Stay away from this guy, stay away from drugs .. Divert yourself from this destructive path! Get clean .. And start considering the consequences for your actions in the future.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Yes, you could call the Police but whether they would do anything about it or not is doubtful as it's hearsay. Best thing to do is stay away from this guy and don't hesitate to let your brother intervene. In the mean time ? Call your Doctor and enter a program to clean yourself up from the drugs. Then you won't have to worry about yourself and there's no way this creep can make you pay him. Good for your brother !

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Sure, call the police and tell them that your dealer is insisting that you pay for the drugs that you previously paid for with sex. That's just not right, where is the justice?

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If you call the police, you should be prepared to be arrested yourself.  You and your brother both did the wrong things .. You both need some counseling and jail time.

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Here is your problem, if you call the police there is a good chance your brother can be arrested for assault and battery. You are at that crossroads where your bad decisions are now effecting the ones you love. I hope you have learned a huge life lesson here.  If the guy is a basketball player and he is serious about it, you can threaten to tell his coach of he won't leave you alone, provided that your brother hasn't ruined that for him.

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Call the police all of you need to be in jail for several felonies. Perhaps all can get taxpayers money to help stop taking drugs each of you willfully and knowingly broke the law😨. Your brother has anger issues and he maliciously deliberately broke the drug dealer's wrist. Jail time, along with intense counseling. You need to enter a drug treatment program and use reliable birth control. 

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I would HIGHLY suggest talking to a lawyer to understand the risks both of doing nothing vs reporting a number of crimes that occurred.

I suspect both your brother and you are potentially subject to different charges, and if you do nothing, you still have the situation of having to "pay" for those drugs---and that situation is unlikely to have a good resolution if you ignore the issue.

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You can always call the police.  What will happen, at best is they will explain that you come to this complaint without "clean hands".  In other words you can't expect the law to help you when you were involved in illegal activities.  At worse they could arrest you for admitting to illegal drug use. 

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Your over protective brother did an assault and battery on a drug dealer because you were prostituting to support your drug habit..... Did I get the story straight? And NOW you want to get COPS involved!!!! What on EARTH are you thinking!?!?! You have a LOT to learn little girl! Do you know what dealers do to people who call the cops! You are messing with a much BIGGER fire then you know. Clean yourself up and get sober. You do NOT call the cops. Not in this situation. If the drug dealer choses to call the cops on your brother then that is on him but YOU do NOT mess with the dealer like that. Get out while you can.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal, answered

The stupid things we do for money and love. Yes you can still call the Police but be  warned this wont be an easy case as youll have a lot of explaining to do and what this dealer is doing is exploiting you until he makes demands as then it becomes extortion. But you will have to answer for why you did what you did and there is no real legal solution here as a lot of hearsay and a lovers quarrel being involved and this guy will want his payback and wont quit til he gets it. Also using drugs will go strongly against you and chances are Police wont believe you and you will need to get medical attention for the drug usage. Personally as a ex Federal Police Officer and a Paralegal, I would tend to only trust your Brother and what he did which could land him in legal hot water if this guy presses charges against him of assault and battery.  This definitely is a Catch-22 situation as damn if you pay him and damn if you don't. If not a whole lot of money involved, it may be safer for you to just pay him so he gets lost.  I don't condone this action but its about the only viable and safest solution I see here. Good luck

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