When does mercy become above justice? When can you say that mercy can overrule justice? What are some rules or situations in which this is applicable?


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It seems to me that it is in these matters that good lawyers should be dealt with. We must understand that the world does not divide into black and white, there are always contrasts. And any lawyer must find the truth. Not always the law is on the side of people who are right. Lawyers are needed to help people prove this right. I once had to deal with a lawyer. I then turned to the company JaeLeeLaw . And they gave me a pretty good man. He helped me look at our legislation from the other side

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Mercy, like punishment, has nothing to do with justice. Justice is really about protecting the people, the victims. Punishment, and its absence mercy, does not do this. The prison system is simply a place to put the criminals to keep them away from us. There is not supposed to be any punishment or mercy in there at all. Justice is not only supposed to be blind, it is also supposed to be unfeeling. Emotions, like mercy, do not belong in court.

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ONLY the victim can decide mercy "overrides" justice.

In the case of murder, the victim's family still has no say in deciding to "show mercy" rather than justice.  If the criminal wants mercy in that instance, they better find a way to bring the victim back from the dead.

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