Where can I find Johor Baru real estate?


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Looking for property in Johor Baru?

Whenever I'm looking for real estate somewhere I don't know too much about, there are only two sources I trust:

  1. Personal recommendations from people I know that live in Johor Baru
  2. Google Maps

Google Maps might sound like an unusual place to look for real estate, granted, but there is a good reason behind it:

Any real estate on Google Maps will usually have a GooglePlus profile and a website attached to it. Having this web presence creates a trail of accountability and verification that already earns the firm a certain amount of trust.

If you're interested in seeing the same results, your can perform the same Google maps search for real estate in Johor Baru: Johor Baru on Google Maps.

Good luck, and I hope Johor Baru is a successful one.

If you're look to learn more about the Johor Baru area, I'd suggest taking a look at another social web property: Foursquare!

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