How Do I Reinstate My Real Estate License?


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This question is perfect for me being a real estate broker for 20 yrs.

For One , "I You Go, Great you made it. One of the hardest test to accomplish.

I have to say, I will never ever let my real estate broker license expire ever again.
Can you imagine taking test the first time twice to pass then 15 yrs later fail to renew exactly.

Answer to yours question, is pending what state you live in.
Google Professional Licensing Agency of your State.
Requirements will be listed.

Most states if expired more than 180 days cost of renewal is about twice as much as it would have been if on time.

Also if you attended your continued education of 16 hours also.

Some states if expired more than a year, require you to start all over again.
I was lucky not to start over again just had to re- test still will never let them exp. Again.

Good luck to you, if you need help on this one email anytime. Semi retired broker realtor 20+ yrs.

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