I am taking my 16 year old to New York and have informed his father of details, but he is now demanding a copy of my travel insurance. Do I have to give him a copy by law as he said if I do not he will stop my son flying to New York?


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Allynda Greeno , Criminal and Family Law, answered

Is this stated in your parenting plan? If so then you must provide a copy of the travel insurance. Also, I would advise you to read your parenting plan, most state that a child is not allowed to travel more than 100 miles without the courts permission. It can be considered parental kidnapping.

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Jojo A. answered

I'd look at if you have a divorce paper or order that its ok to take him out of state does it say with travel insurance only.  Thing is, accidents happen more frequently on the road than in the air. He can get a court order to make you before the trip but I'm not sure he could stop you without one. You are not a stranger you are Mom.

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