Should Joe Paterno of Penn State have been fired because of Sandusky's actions, when even the state D.A. Office refused to press criminal charges?


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No, he is a beloved leader, he has a record that nobody has surpassed and this is a terrible way to end it.

In defense of the Board of Directors, we do not have all the facts, and they are required to protect the university from all enemies, foreign and domestic. In a forced choice between doing nothing, and thereby approving what, unfortunately, happened in the past, and taking immediate action, they were required to sanitize the program that a coach had pissed on.
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Lynne Dwyer
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Paterno reported the offense, Sandusky was the offender. Wonder why after 10 years this is just now happening.
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Looking for a sacpegoat and they found other words somone else at penn state decided to sacrifice him for the face of penn state. As the other blurter said odd how this is coming out after so many years and somone who told his superiors is the one being thrown to the lions.i guess this is what happens when penn state has a bunch of people pleasers running their campus. Dean of" admissions" : ) saying oh no! Your not going to pin this one on me, we can blame joe he's good for everything(little use of the mikey life cereal commercial there). In other words do you actually expect them to do anything different now ,than what they do everytime the public cries for someone to blame.did you actually think penn state would stand behind one of their own and not run away like scared little other words not gonna push  joe under the bus while hiding their collective heads in the sand.notice how no one else came forth and said joe told them about the incident and then  called in the reported offense to the police department through their public relations office. As the ole saying goes something stinks around penn state and it ain't joe. Just think of all the people in penn state that were joe's buddy's the day before,now not a soul around to stand up for him. With fiends like that joe mite be better off retiring and suing penn state for wrongful termination maybe even throw in there some age descrimination all for triple damages. I bet he could clear about 40 mil considering his potential paycheck from penn state.: ) this is what happens when a college is trying to be politically correct and not  legally correct. Let's just say with people like the ones that run penn state joe doesn't need any enemies. : ) this is what i would say if i said anything hypothetically. What would really be the kicker is if all penn state citizens boycotted their games until joe was brought back.that would teach them a excellent lesson and hit them where their wallet is. Which is why the chickens  threw(the  lamb )joe to the liars in the first place. Oh wait i meant lions as in public opinion and the news to be trampled. I better stop now before i really say something i'll regret . : ) hahahahahahaha
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As you can tell nothing burns me up more than people in power throwing someone who did the right thing under the bus so they won't have to deal with the real problems.
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Joe Paterno was an idealised father-figure and a strong, protective role model for his football players and Penn State students.Unfortunately he failed to heed his own advice and maintain civility by protecting his students.
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Lynne Dwyer
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Maybe you haven't seen the entire report? Paterno is the one who turned Sandusky in. Over 10 years ago. Sandusky admitted to molesting the child. The DA would not press charges. Paterno was supposedly fired for not doing more. It's not like he could have arrested and charged S himself. Penn State wouldn't fire S.
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No, just the condensed headlines on rolling TV news here.
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Not really but probably is unfortunately "collaterol damage" and at the wrong place at the wrong time and chances are many probably wanted for him to retire and this gave them a cheap shot at getting rid of him. Everyone is expendable in this world

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