Is there something wrong with dating a guy who is in prison?


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There is nothing wrong with it. You can see eachother. And all a relationship is is love, respect and trust. All of this can be expressed. So in my opionion loving someone, being able to talk to them and loving them counts as dating. However not being able to go places may be a drawback.
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Nah and look at it this way, if he cheats on you..... It might be like Shawshank Redemption..... He may have just been accosted during laundry detail.
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Sure, how can you "date" a guy who is behind bars and could possibly never get out? You cant go out to eat, go to  movie or the beach, etc. This isnt dating writing to him, seeing him behind plexiglass and talking to him on the phone. Its you feeling sorry for some guy who willingly screwed up his life and for what, because he couldnt handle life? If he couldnt handle his life, how could he ever handle a life with a relationship with you? There is definitely something wrong here unless youre sop desperate that this is the best you could do, but I seriously doubt that at all which brings us back to you feeling sorry for him but even God doesnt condone this kind of compassion for someone who sinned against his fellow man or even God himself, but it is your life and none of ours what you choose to do with it so more power to you and all the best. Good luck and Happy New Years
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It depends on what he has gone to jail for, since if he went to jail for murdering his last girl friend and chopping her up into prices then there is a problem. On the other hand if he went to jail for something like a speeding ticket go ahead and date him I don't see any harm
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Yes, yes there is.
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sandra maldenado
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What do you feel is wrong with it, i just want opinions
Arthur Wright
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Yes if youre going to answer these questions then finish your answer and tell her why and dont just short answer for the points or leave these alone
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Yes there is something wrong with it. Good guys don't go to prison. And u deserve a good guy. Don't waste your life visiting prison. Get a proper relationship and do all the things you've ever wanted to.

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