Should The Legal Drinking Age Be 18 Or 21?


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There are pros and cons to this issue. First, lets talk about the pros: If a person is old enough to vote, they should be old enough to drink. If a person is old enough to smoke, they should be old enough to drink. If a person is old enough to leave home and start making their own decisions, they should be old enough to drink. If a person is old enough to jeopardize their life by defending the country, they should be old enough to drink (I was 17 in the military and drinking in the bars). If a person is tall enough to reach a drink off of the bar in Spain, a person of the age of 18 in the U.S. Should be old enough to drink. If a person the age of 18 is going to do it at home, anyways, why not let them in the bars where they don't have to hide it (after all, they have been emancipated by the judicial system). Now, let's talk about the cons (there aren't many that I can think of): They've got a long life ahead of them, why start early? Learn responsibility before rushing into the party and forgetting the priorities. Set an example for the younger siblings(?)
I don't know...the pros, by far, outweigh the cons. So, should the legal drinking age be 18 or 21? My opinion says "18"!
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I'm going to take an odd approach and say keep it at 21 - unless you are in the armed forces and have a legitimate ID stating that.
I've always agreed that if they are old enough to go to war they should also be old enough to have a beer. But keep it 21 for everyone else.

The upside or downside (depending how you see it) may be an increase in volunteers for the armed forces.
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If it was up to me, it would be banned forever. 18 or 65, I have seen many who don't know how to act properly. A lot of my friends died because of drinking.
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18, Cuz every kid i know drinks, and even if it is illegal they will still do it.
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It should be 21 since younger people might want to act cool in front of people and so they might get into trouble
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Scientists have proven that the brain is still growing between the ages of 18 to 21, so more easily damaged than at full growth. For this reason it should be the older age.

However, setting the age to 18 would provide an effective method of reducing the world's overpopulation problem, since the death rate among drinking teens is the highest of all other ages.
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The legal drinking age will still be debated when we are all dead and gone. I tend to lean on the side of being in the Armed forces, seems as if you can die at the age of 18, then you should be able to have a drink at that age.
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To me drinking should be a privilege given to those who can prove responsibility. Yeah, i know it cant be done but we were all there once & most 18 & 21 year olds cant think totally clearly about things without alcohol. Add that & the impulse level skyrockets for most.
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I personally believe it should be raised, and enforced with much more tenacity, if not once more banned completely. I've seen too many issues, both from the other countries I've been to, as well as the United States.

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Of the two choices, 21.

Personally, I'd prefer 35 or none.  Way too many drunk drivers on the road.  One rear-ended me a few years ago, and did US$4,000 damage.  Fortunately, she was fully insured.
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21 Because   It's Too Easy For I8 Year Olds To Get It For 16 Year Old Who Gives It To Every One He Can Find, And Because  Driving Age Is Too Young..  Drinking And Driving Kills Too Many Teens
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21 because to many people drink underage already, if we lowered it, even younger people would start to try it

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