What Are Some Arguments And Counterarguments Of Sexual Harassment. Can Anyone Help Me?


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Sexual harrasment is any unwanted act that demeans and degrades another person.  It could be unwanted touching or comments that are sexual in nature.

I was sexually harrassed when I worked at the ferrycarrig hotel in Wexford, Ireland as a waitress.  They have no rules or guideline in regards to what is appropriate and what is not.  The cooks in the kitchen would yell very loudly "nice legs!, nice ass!" as I walked into work.  Some cooks in the kitchen would grab my breasts, while I was working, which made it difficult to do my job.  One of the managers, asked me if he could give me a ride into work, when he saw me and on the way to work, he stopped the car in a field and asked "for a romp in the hay before starting my shift".  It was a very tough situation.  It was tough because if I complained, I was told that they mean it as a compliment because that is the way Irish show you that they think you are attractive.  However, I felt degraded and I cried a lot.  In Canada, when I worked at another hotel, we were given brochures and pamphlets on what sexual harrasment means and what the punishments would be if there were any complaints.  In Ireland, we never got that.  It was a huge cultural difference.

In any case, sexual harrasment is wrong in North America, but in other countries such as Ireland, it is seen as a compliment, but women are also in my opinion not treated well.  

Sexual Harassment is any inappropriate conduct and I have learned that with some people from different cultures it may not be so obvious and therefore, I have learned that in order to deal with it, you have to tell the harasser clearly, that is inappropriate and I will not tolerate it, so they know and if they continue then I would complain.
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There are no arguments for sexual harassment.  Thank you for your story Tskorpski, I was harassed as a hairstylist when my boss made me feel my job was not going to be rewarding if I did not  "put out" and his wife was my supervisor!!  Talk about uncomfortable.  I had no human resource department, but I had a great Father, and when I told him he went to my work and let him know in no uncertain terms his little daughter was not tolerating his behavior (I was 19 at the time and quite inexperienced) and my dad was like a foot shorter than that man, and it was the end of it.  Sad to say some women aren't believed when they say, but I was, and it made me feel stronger.

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