Under What Conditions May Attorney Client Protection Be Broken?


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Attorney-Client privilege or attorney-client protection refers to the most well known privilege for communication. It is one of the tough rules regarding privacy in common law. It is based on the belief that if the truth is not revealed even to an attorney then there is no point of having one in the first place. Thus the attorney has the right to keep the confessions of his client to himself and he does not have to reveal it except in some exceptional cases.

The best person to advice you on this protection would be a lawyer or an attorney himself. But I can inform you that there are certain limitations and shortcomings to this rule. Only the client has the right to waive this right but it can even occur at times without his knowledge as in a situation where the client reveals some information which was confidential. In this instance the right of attorney-client protection is automatically waived. Thus it is better to seek legal counsel to know all the points about this right.

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