Are Working Mothers To Be Blamed For Crime Among The Youth?


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It's difficult to answer the question in full where the question is not in that much detailed. It depends if the mother is working full hours, or if the mother is a single parent. All of these could effect it differently. If the working mother was working full time and on her own bringing up a child then that could be one of the causes why they were so easy misled. When there is no parent there is no guild towards that child of up-bringing. It becomes to an extent to where the child is an teenager that had been misled from an early age. This could lead to further more mis-leading. In my point, if the mother is not there for the child then she shouldn't of had the child in the first place, she should of got the money that was needed to provide or at least get someone to help her. It may be hard for the person itself. But you also have to think about the youth and other people it may effect. Hope I helped?

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