Is sleeping at your office illegal?


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No it's not illegal..You can't get arrested for it but it is against 99% of all company rules. With the exception of Google employees. They are the only company I know of that lets their employees take a nap. They even have a sleeping chamber for their employees..  I wish I worked at google..LOL
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Hi Andrew, sleeping at your office would not be illegal if you had permission to do so. But hey, if its during worktime and you fell off your seat and had to be picked up, then you would have to explain, why you were at work, and not fit to do the job and that might end up with a verbal warning and you don't want to collect these, for they could lead to dismissal [3 warnings,usually does it]. If you stay overnight and are caught by security, you'll be in trouble - depending on your office hours - if you were a fireman it might be different.
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May be not but It's definitely against the company rule. Most company have this rule.

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I think that your superiors will definitely not like it. But if you have no other options, it is better to hide it, of course. For example, I also had trouble sleeping and I could fall asleep during the day somewhere in the train car, but after I started taking cbd supplements, my condition improved. I think you should try it, it definitely works effectively. I wish you good luck!

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