What Does Felony Mean?


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A felony includes crimes such as burglary, rape, murder etc. which carry a heavier sentence. A felony can be defined as a crime of a grave nature and because of this fact differentiated from a misdemeanour such as urinating in a public park. Crimes such as robbery, manslaughter, kidnapping, arson and treason are also referred to as felonies.

Felony can be defined as any criminal act or breaking of the law which under early English Law carried sentences such as the confiscation and forfeiture of land and property, the decapitating of bodily members or the loss of life. Earlier only crimes that were considered in violation of moral standards were considered felonies however this concept has been broadened to include several other types of crimes.

Felony has a similar meaning as crime, misdeed, offence, illegality etc. The person committing the felony is generally termed a felon.
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The expression felony basically is a term applied in common law systems for different severe crimes, whereas misbehaviour is counted as much less serious offence.

It is extensively applied in criminal law in the United States lawful system. The difference among a felony and offence has been eliminated by quiet a few common law jurisdictions, where as certain jurisdictions preserve the distinction, chiefly those of America. Authorities which have put an end to the distinction often take up some other classification, like Canada, Australia, UK, etc the crimes are distributed into summary offences and indictable offences.

A felon generally is the individual accountable for committing a felony, which is normally a social stigma. Crimes often though to be felonies comprise of aggravated assault, arson, burglary, etc.
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Its a more serious charge where a person could face a sentence of 1 yr or more to serve in the prison system. Sometimes the sentence is suspended, however if a person was sentenced to a year or more its a felony. Hope that helps to answer you question.

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