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Child abuse in any of its forms is revolting - whether it comes in the form of physical violence, sexual abuse, or even verbal and psychological torment.

To abuse anyone is bad enough, but to target vulnerable children is cowardly and disturbing.

What are the types of child abuse?

As I mentioned above, child abuse can come in many forms. According to the Department for Children and Families (DFC), the definition of child abuse is:
"any act or series of acts of commission or omission by a parent or other caregiver that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child".

Commonly, acts of child abuse are divided into four main categories:
  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Psychological
  • Neglect
Statistics on child abuse

Whilst I had previously thought of child abuse as being a problem that must be on the decrease (due to the media attention and social stigma the issue is subject to) I was concerned to read that statistics actually showed that child abuse has become more prevalent in recent times.

One reason for this could be that our methods of collating data have become more efficient. Alternatively, it could be down to the fact that young people feel more confident about reporting child abuse (whereas before they might have stayed quiet).

Nevertheless, the idea that child abuse continues on such a large scale is really frightening.

Looking at data from the NSPCC website (National Society for the Protection and Care of Children), these are some of the worrying statistics I discovered:
  • 50,552 children in the UK are on child protection registers or schemes
  • 25% of young adult report having been mistreated as children
  • 25% of children claim to have been sexually abused by an adult or peer
  • 11.5% of children have been the victim of serious violence at the hands of an adult

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Chloe Brisco answered
There is no reason on God's green earth that a child should be put under both physical and mental torture, it is one of the worst things one human being could do to another.

A child is small and defenseless, and lacks both the necessary strength and power to defend themselves against the monsters which dare put themselves in charge of an innocent child's life.

Even if a child was able to defend themselves, the torture is ceaseless and they may defend themselves the first few times but to make the child so used to being put under such extreme acts of violence (in fact any of violence at all) is 100% unacceptable.

If you hit children, you yourself are a weak, terrified, disgusting human being.

Bullying is wrong on it's own, but when used on children there is no excuse- not in any way. Especially if your excuse is as feeble as "they wouldn't stop crying".

The moment you choose to become a parent or guardian, all your responsibilities change!

Regardless of who you were, and how you lived your life before, it all changes once you become a parent.

And all because you can't cope, whether it's because you want your old life back or you simply don't know what you're doing, it's your fault and yours alone- not the child's!

It's not a crime that they were born, it is as if you've brought a child into the world with no idea of what you're doing. You've only yourself to blame and not the child.

A poor workman blames his tools, and it's the same case in parenting: A poor parent will take it out on either their partner or their child.

Unfortunately, it's more likely to be the child, as they have less opportunity to help themselves!
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Adrian Masters answered
I agree with John. Children need discipline, but discipline is far from abuse and I can't tolerate abuse.

One time, when I was about 19, I was out on a Saturday at a local pizza joint having a pizza and beer with a friend.

We were having a nice lunch when these two couples walked in. One couple had a small child. He looked about two. They sat down next to us and ordered. The mother ordered milk for the little boy.

For whatever reason, the waitress brings out his 24 oz. Glass of milk filled right to the rim. First of all a 24 oz. Glass is way to big for a two year old. With both hands he could not get them around the glass. Secondly who fills a cup to the rim for a two year old?

Now the story is set.

The parents should have asked for a smaller second cup and poured some of the milk into it for the little guy, but that never happened. The little guy grabs the glass. His hands are too small to go around it.

It was way too heavy for him and the glass wobbled around.Needless to say some of the milk, which was filled to the rim, spilled.

The parents jumped up, grabbed the glass from him and started cleaning up the spilled milk while screaming at him for spilling the milk.

The father was pissed. He told the kid if he spilled the milk again he was going to spank him.

By this time I was livid. My attention was permanently glued to these people. I kept waiting for the little boy to pick up the milk again, because I knew he would spill it again.

When he spilled the milk, I was going to leap up and tell the father "Why don't you try spanking me". After which I was going to give him a firm piece of my mind and then kick his ass.

I don't believe in hitting women, but if mom wanted to get involved, I would have smacked her too.

The second couple would have gotten a piece of my mind for letting this go on. Beating on a little kid for something that was not his fault was wrong!!!

Parents are supposed to look out for their kids. They should be your safe place. It is truly sad that there are bad parents out there.
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Arthur Wright answered
Child abuse is the worst kind of physical expression known to mankind.
No adult should ever touch or hurt a child in such a way as to leave mental as well as physical scars and even death.

I have dealt with this issue many, many times over the years (I'm a Federal Officer) and it makes me sick every time.

If an adult was to take his aggression out on a child, he/she should go to the nearest jail or prison as I'm very sure there are guys and gals there who are more than willing to show them who is more macho.

So leave the poor defenseless kids alone.

Only my oath to God and the American people ever kept me from killing these people, and I have seen nightmare cases from hell and worse out here.

They can even come to me if they want to see who is more macho, I just thank God for the inmate rules inside prisons that take care of child and women abusers quite well, otherwise I'd be behind those bars myself for conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Maybe someday we can rid the world of this abuse, but it wont be anytime soon I'm afraid- so I just pray to God to protect these precious little ones from the adults.

Especially parents who cross the line, and have no idea between abuse and discipline.
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Lianna Lins answered
I think, generally, everybody hates child abuse!
It's a terrible form of abuse (possibly the worst) because as a child, you are especially sensitive.

All child abusers need to be locked up.
Before they ruin more lives.
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Cheryle Masters answered
I agree with Adrian. Children definitely need discipline/boundaries/rules/chores, etc...
Yes, I also agree with John (what's your definition of abuse?).

If it is real abuse- abuse of any kind is UNACCEPTABLE!  It needs to be reported.
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John answered
First define child abuse clearly and with boundaries. What used to be correcting a child by taking a switch to a kids rear end or a belt is now considered by some as abuse and harmful to their mental growth.

We now have an exponential increase in criminals/hoods/kids without morals or ethics committing crimes everywhere (because they were not raised to respect the laws).

Kids need to respect the law, their parents or God/YHWH/Jesus laws and lessons from the Bible to know what is right and wrong both in life, and by the laws of the people and the lands.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

In other words I would rather bust their gluteus maximus until the information from their rear end reaches their cerebral cortex than have a child of mine/anyone's in jail or worse.

I would rather raise a child that knows how/when/what/where to act civil to others and in society, while still having a great life, blessed by the lord.

Now abuse would be harming someone for no real or expecting reason. In other words hitting/striking/inhibiting a child's movement or actions for reasons that make no real or common sense to everyone else in society (or according to God and the laws of the land).

In other words, it would be considered a crime/unjust.

Abuse is a real and present danger to the child (provable by direct witness with police and medical evidence). Not just hearsay.

One of my close friends learned that their child had a medical condition that caused the child not to pay attention to their warnings/to keep them safe - they did not know this until the child was diagnosed, but they still spanked the child in order to correct the child's behavior!

In other words, punishment was used with the rules, to help the child grow up right according to the laws/rules in the household and to keep them from permanently harming themselves.

So abuse is not always what others think is abuse according to their viewpoint. And then there are obvious signs of abuse that no one can dispute.

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