How would you locate the relevant health and safety information for your tasks and what are the sources of expert assistance when help is needed?


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Unless you know the specifics of the tasks you are planning, you cannot be completely sure that the healthy information you access is suitable for you. Instead, you can consult general health and safety guidelines within your country by contacting your local government or searching for your country's guidelines on the internet. The basic health and safety guidelines in the work place will follow.

Health and safety within a workplace, which is also referred to as occupational health and safety, considers the right of every single employee. This is regardless of their job and employer, meaning they have to be able to work in a safe environment without excessive threat to the person's wellbeing and health. There are many laws and rulings about health and safety within the workplace, giving guidelines to business owners about how they should treat their employees within their company. This ensures that the employees are safe from accidents and, ultimately, fatalities.

The current ruling in the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, leaves workers entitled to work conditions that never leave them in any threat of hazard or risk to health. On the other hand, in the UK, the Health and Safety at Work Act, passed in 1974, also addresses the same issues and heavily details the responsibilities of not just employers, but also employees in making their work environment as safe as it can possibly be.

Without these rulings, people would be subjected to dangerous conditions at work, which would lead to more people having accidents and having to take time off work. This would damage not only the pockets of the people involved, as their pay would decrease, but also the economy in general, as less people would be well adapted to working in conditions that were not regulated.
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