Which Number Is Used For Black Money?


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In the traditional black money scam, the con artist claimed that $150,000 was owed to the so-called recipient of the money, who ended up being the victim of the crime. However, any figure could be quoted in the scam. A type of advance fee fraud, the black money scam works by asking the targeted victim for money to buy chemicals, which are supposedly used to wash the black money so it can be used again. It is claimed that the money has been dyed black to avoid detection for some reason or another (for instance, to enable it to get through customs).

  • The Black Money scam
Professional con artists first began using the black money scam in the year 2000. They would target victims from various countries and states in America, sometimes after gaining personal details about them. It is unsure how the fraudsters chose their victims, although it was believed they targeted those who seemed to be reasonably well off. Often the elderly were targeted because they were more vulnerable to handing over the money without questioning whether or not to trust the individual (who usually pretended they were representing a foreign law firm).

  • How the scam worked
In most cases, victims of the scam were contacted via post or email, and were advised to provide the names of anyone who may have left them money in a will. Of course, regardless of the names provided, the fraudsters would accept them. After this, they would inform the victims they had been left a large sum of money, but the notes had been dyed black to avoid detection. They then requested a set amount of money (perhaps a few hundred dollars, or even more) to chemically treat the money. If individuals fell for the scam, they would give the money up, and the scam artists would cease to cooperate with them.

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