I Received 100 Hours Community Service Order From Miami Dade Court Miami Florida. I Can't Find Any Place Yet. Can You Give Me Some Advice?


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No but I got 50 hrs let nme know if you hear somethin, but you may try going to good will in local areas or any recreational park>>. Good luck
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Do you have any special skills or talents?  They may help to guide you.  Churches are a good place to volunteer for community service.  Years ago when I was an Office/Computer manager at a large church, two young men came to me and volunteered 40 hours each to upgrade our computer system.  They were experienced computer techs. We really appreciated it!   Be sure to look and dress as if you are going for a job interview.  That will help to open "doors" for your community service .  
I hope this information helps you!  Take care :-)
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Be sure to dress appropriately. Although you might not be applying for a job, you aren't going to get service at any place if you look like a shady character. It might sound gross or labor-intensive.

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Contact the Clerk at the Courthouse and see if they have a current list of places where you can fulfill your hours that is acceptable to the Court. They usually do. Good luck

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We are Hope Center, inc
A Non-Profit 5013c- that provides services and programs for individuals  developmental disabilities in fulfilling their potential  to lead healthy and productive lives in the community one of which is supervised TRANSITIONAL EXPERIENCE  and COMPETITIVE COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT The Janitorial Services Program:  In order to increase the possibility of obtaining employment placement for our clients The Supported Employment Department has also established an In-House Vocational Training Program to help train our clients that are interested into going into the community as productive working citizens by establishing a variety of mobile Janitorial Services  and providing Janitorial Services  throughout the community by partnering with  Respect of Florida as well as through Service contracts/Partnerships with Businesses ( Hopes Business Partners) even  with our major Service Partner, the City of Miami, where we provide direct vocational Janitorial training skills to our clients  at City Hall in Coconut Grove, Bayside, Manuel Center and the Miami Marina.  If you interested in performing your volunteer hours with us by helping  at any of the job sites we would appreciate it
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Do you have boys and girls center in your area?  You can do comm service there by volunteering to help with the kids, cleaning up etc.
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  Yes - go to www.courtorderedcommunityservice.org - it is fast, easy and also helps the kids

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