How Do You Get Someone To Be Declared Legally Incompetent?


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You need to petition a judge and present evidence that this person is out of control, or out of their mind, but if you are presenting that they are out of their mind, you have to have proof of him not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other substances, on occasion a judge will grant the exparte` if you can prove that this person might be a danger to himself or others. If you are very unsure about pursuing this alone then you can consult a lawyer, hope this helps, good luck to you .
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Thank you so much for the info, you honestly have no idea how much you have helped me to begin going in the direction i need to be going. I was so confused and lost at first. Thanks again!
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You are welcome. Good luck.
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In Maryland, what is the process to declared a person dead who has been missing for. He was ill when he went missing.

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