Is It Illegal To Have A Pet Cardinal?


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Wouldn't it be nice if we could get someone with credentials who's opinion you could trust. This doesn't answer the question at all.  Nobody agrees.
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Yes,it is illegal to have a pet cardinal.
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No, I don't think its legal to have a pet cardinal.

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Yes, it is definitely illegal. The only way you can keep Erica is if you have a license to nurse her.
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I have no idea, but since they aren't endangered and seem to be everywhere around where I live, I don't care. Actually, I found a cardinal egg a couple weeks ago on the ground, and I often will hatch chickens in an incubator I got from a friend (a pretty crappy one at that) and I tried to hatch the egg with the chicken incubator. Guess what? It worked! The cardinal is about a week old, and I feed it small pieces of soggy bread and dry dog food that have been soaked in milk overnight. Little Erica loves it! I can't teach her how to fly, find food, or defend herself from predators, so I am asking the same question, because I just can't let her go. I really want to keep her as a pet because she does love me a lot, and I love her too, and letting her go would probably get her killed. I hope its not illegal, my poor Erica..(name pronounced like Eric with an 'a' sound at the end)
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Don't rely on anyone who says "NO" without giving you reputable sources from which the information was derived.

If it is very important to to you have the legal authority on your side I'd contact the local wildlife agency or else ask a local vet for assistance.  If your city has a local information line (in New York we have 311) you can call them and ask for the proper agency to contact.
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The following answer is from a person who is a

Lic. Wildlife Rehabilitator, 17 yrs

Avian & Small Mammal

Forner Dir DRS Animal ER

You bet it's illegal. How are YOU teaching her to fly?

Her parents have to be frantic. It's sad because fledglings are the victims of too many people who pick them up and decide to keep them. The bird is miserable and lonely without the company of other birds of their own species.
ALL fledglings are tame and submissive at this stage, but she will not remain so. She will always want to be free no matter how much attention you give her.

The bird's mother may still be around. Put the baby outside and step away. Give the mother a chance to find her baby. If you are positive after a day or so that the mother is not coming back, then you need to find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. There are plenty in Texas. It's the right thing to do for this little one. Her requirements are much more than a dish of seed and a bowl of water.

If you love wildlife, volunteer for a sanctuary that cares for them. Please don't cage that cardinal. It has every right to live it's life in freedom.

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